Women Speakers Association Premier Membership Special

I just learned about this must-see July special and wanted to share. Since I announced the September 10, 2019 release of the book I co-authored, The Voices of the 21st Century, I have had many inquiries. This amazing and life changing opportunity presented itself to me through my membership with WSA (Women Speakers Association) and they are holding their annual special (this only happens in July of each year). Not only is it an amazing opportunity – there is also a 30-day money back guarantee. Please reach out if I can answer any questions. Below are the details and link.

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What’s ONLY $99 and comes with 20 rich, career-boosting benefits? It’s the Women Speakers Association Premier Membership! Grow your visibility, land more speaking gigs, boost your credibility, sell more products and services, and connect with an inspiring, empowered group of women who are fulfilling their missions worldwide.