SpeakerChat with Anita Russell: Growth from Within

“Growth from Within: Be Uniquely You”

On this #SpeakerChat Tracey Ehman interviews Anita Russell at Women’s Speaker Association Live. Anita is the author of the autobiography, I Wanna See Laney’s House: A Sibling Story, and co-author of the bestseller, Voices of the 21st Century: Bold, Brave and Brilliant Women Who Make a Difference.

On the topic of growth from within and being uniquely you, Anita shares her insight on the importance of knowing yourself and taking action so you can grow in your own “becoming space”. Find out more about Anita Russell at https://theplacetosoar.com and https://iwannaseelaneyshouse.com

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Reflect on Four Key Takeaways So You Can Begin Your Own Growth from Within Journey

» Know your inner-personal self.
» Take action in your “becoming space”.
» Own your voice.
» Share your message.

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Your Message Has the Ability to Transform Lives

Watch and listen as Anita Russell brings her wisdom to Speaker Success Training

How to Use Your Book as
Speaker & Business Owner

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Panelists, Kamini Wood, Anita D Russell, and Carrie Kohan were exquisite and wow, did they share some amazing tips to help authors make their book a business! I can’t wait to see your book become a business, and impact people around the world!

Hosted by Charmaine Hammond, 5x best selling and award-winning author, published by 5 publishers, featured in 8 other published books.
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Growing Global Influence

Women Speakers Association (WSA) features expert advice from women leaders on #WSATV shows and #SpeakerChat on Facebook. When we began recruiting Global Business Connectors to bring local communities together we had no idea that an outbreak of the coronavirus would occur. What we found is that our Global Business Connector community continues to grow even with this pandemic.


We put out the word that you can have a global organization to fuel your local influence and women leaders around the globe got excited. Since our organization is an online organization, we are well poised to support local communities virtually. We will be hosting Virtual Connect and Collaborate meetings for both local and global gatherings. Our sisterhood is stronger today because of this common contagion that everyone is dealing with. Though our intention was to have live meetings (and we will do so once we can do that safely), we are here supporting you and now have the leaders to guide you through this. Nonetheless, like you we are finding ways to serve women and continuously bring their healing, productive and life changing messages out.

Unstuck Your Life

Advice from the Women Speakers Association Authors

Anita advises “Be responsible and accountable for how you manage your gift of life. Apply 6 keys to nurture, grow and empower your life: know yourself, nurture your life, integrate your life, connect with others, live intentionally, and seize opportunity.”

Sandy says “Change your perspective: change your life.”

Carrie reminds us that “”Everything is all about Love! If you’re not loving what you’re doing or how you’re living; not sharing love with yourself or others; or feeling love in your heart – then it’s time to shift and do what brings and gives you love in all ways! How do you do that? Practice The Five Lessons of Life!”

The Host and Producer is Laura Rubinstein, Certified Hypnotherapist, Digital Media & Marketing Mentor and Business Transformation Strategist.


Unstuck Your Life and Create A Breakthrough In Your Personal Power with women of impact and influence who inspire global change on wsatv.com from the Women Speakers Association wsalive.com/anita Effective leaders, speakers, and change agents often have life challenges and disadvantaged backgrounds that they have overcome. In order to step into their role effectively, they got to the point where the unsatisfactory status quo was either unbearable or unforeseen forces made them shift inward. We admire them for bravely taking on their transformation.

If you’re stuck and you’re willing to see that, this might just be the BEST thing you have going for you. Yes, really! Your struggle, misfortune and/or unwanted circumstance does not have to define you. Yet, it can propel you. Think about the last great speaker you saw… was there a great story that captivated you? We saw that in the Voices of the 21st Century book. The authors got vulnerable about where they were stuck, shared their stories and then realized great breakthroughs. When you share your story you claim your power. The hidden story no longer keeps you shut down.

The more a leader has faced her trials and misfortune, the greater chance for breakthrough there is. When you couple that willingness to move through your fears along with the expert advice our leaders in this episode share, the easier it is to unstuck your life and create breakthroughs in your personal power.

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