SpeakerChat with Anita Russell: Growth from Within

SpeakerChat with Anita Russell: Growth from Within

“Growth from Within: Be Uniquely You”

On this #SpeakerChat Tracey Ehman interviews Anita Russell at Women’s Speaker Association Live. Anita is the author of the autobiography, I Wanna See Laney’s House: A Sibling Story, and co-author of the bestseller, Voices of the 21st Century: Bold, Brave and Brilliant Women Who Make a Difference.

On the topic of growth from within and being uniquely you, Anita shares her insight on the importance of knowing yourself and taking action so you can grow in your own “becoming space”. Find out more about Anita Russell at https://theplacetosoar.com and https://iwannaseelaneyshouse.com

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Reflect on Four Key Takeaways So You Can Begin Your Own Growth from Within Journey

» Know your inner-personal self.
» Take action in your “becoming space”.
» Own your voice.
» Share your message.

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